Fountain: the source or origin of anything is a public art project created for The Wall, CBC Plaza, a Vancouver Heritage Foundation public art initiative.

The Wall is made possible through a partnership between Vancouver Heritage Foundation, JJ Bean Coffee Roasters and CBC Radio-Canada. The 2014 project has received additional support from this year’s participating arts organization, Centre A. We would especially like acknowledge Centre A’s generosity in matching the Indiegogo funds for this web project. Click on the links below to learn more about this collaborative endeavour.

Special thanks to the following for their involvement in Fountain:

Lynda Nakashima (web design), John Fukushima (video and photo documentation), Colin Preston, Christine Hagemoen, Kim McCarthy (VPL Special Collections), Chak Yung (City of Vancouver Archives), Lani Russwurm, Erica Wilk, Kim Phillips, Barbara Cole, Total Graphics, Process Colour, and Precision Graphics. Additional thanks to Cease Wyss, Celia Brauer, Bruce Macdonald, Rita Wong and Keith Freeman for their insightful contributions.

Our heartfelt gratitude extends to patrons Diane Bélanger, Eugene Mak and Ed Pien, and to all of our Indiegogo sponsors for their generous support of this web project: Glenn Alteen, Aaron David Beck, Lorna Boschman, Sean Dimitrie, Kristin Fung, Jenny Gee, Pam Hall, Louise Halsey, S D Holman, Shannon Holmes, Kim Huynh, Rachel Iwaasa, Rahat Kurd, Evan Lee, Helen Leung, Sadira Rodrigues, Cora and Don Li-Leger, Rina Liddle, Jenny Lin, Mindy Low, Bonnie Ma, Annissa Mak, Toasty Marshmallow, Kirsten McAllister, Fiona Mowatt, Bo Myers, Leisha O’Donohue, Misha Penton, John Smisko, Argus Sun, Jennifer Sung, Laurens Tan, River Tucker, Anna Wong, Rita Wong, Cornelia Wyngaarden, Edward Yong, Jin-me Yoon, Sharyn Yuen, Martin Zubik, Ponyo, and other anonymous contributors.

Vancouver Heritage Foundation

Centre A