The following links relate to environmental and artistic initiatives about water, local news on areas surrounding those depicted in Laiwan’s selected image, and associated ideas on fluidity within the city that were explored during the creation of this web project. Other links will be added over time.


On Water

Celia Brauer’s False Creek Watershed Society

Rita Wong’s research-creation project, Downstream: A Poetics of Water  Follow Rita Wong on Twitter here

Georgia Straight Alliance: Caring for Our Coastal Waters

Photographer Edward Burtynsky’s Water and Watermark projects

BC Government Glossary of Water Quality Terms


Online Archives, Image digitization and circulation

100 Photographs for World Water Day 2014

Israel brings Dead Sea scrolls to life with upgrade of digital archive


Local News 

 October 18, 2013 – New B.C. Water Act to regulate industrial groundwater use

March 11, 2014 – Water Sustainability Act introduced into the B.C. Legislature for First Reading

Vancouver History

Black Strathcona

VHF article on Mary Lee Chan’s activism